Pam Klein Sets a High Standard of Care
at Colvard Eye Center

Pam KleinThe best leaders in every organization lead by good example. Pam Klein has set the standard for our staff through her shining example for the past 25 years. Her credo is simple: "The patients and their needs always come first."

As our administrator, Pam works quietly behind the scenes, but her influence can be seen throughout the facility. "The wonderful thing about our group is that we all share a common feeling. We want the very best for our patients and each employee strives to make every patient feel cared for," says Pam. This does not come as a surprise with Pam as our Administrator. She sets the tone for our entire staff and seeks out employees who have a caring nature.

Pam joined Dr. Colvard when he opened the practice doors to greet his first patients in 1983. "I was hired by Dr. Colvard to manage his medical practice and I have loved every minute of it since," Pam recalls. As Dr. Colvard's practice steadily grew, Pam's responsibilities expanded from overseeing just two employees to their present staff of 15. Dr. Colvard comments that, "Pam and I work well together because we both have a clear vision of our purpose. We are here to serve our patients and nothing in our organization is ever allowed to stand before that purpose." Pam states this purpose precisely, "We must always remember that it is a privilege to take care of our patients. They often come to us feeling worried and afraid. I want every one of them to see friendly faces, to hear kind voices, and to know that we will always be there to care for them."

Pam's mission, to help provide the best patient care, is strengthened by her remarkable administrative talents. With 25 years of experience as a medical administrator, Pam is recognized for her expertise in ophthalmic practice management. She excels in Medicare compliance and has been invited to speak at national meetings of the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators in Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego. Most recently , she instructed new medical administrators on how to interpret the maze-like complexities of the Medicare system.

Pam is happily married to Allan, who is a residential and commercial real estate manager. They are proud parents of their daughter, Katheryn, who is a practicing attorney with the International law firm of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley and McCloy, LLP.

Always cheerful, patient and kind at work, Pam emphasizes the importance of loving consistency. Pam Klein encourages all of us to follow our hearts, and she leads by her good example.

William E. Rose Jr Pinnacle Award
Pamela Klein, our wonderful practice administrator, received the prestigious William E. Rose Jr. Pinnacle Award at this year’s national conference of the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators in Washington D.C. This honor recognizes the country’s most outstanding ophthalmic administrator, who demonstrates exceptional and exemplary efforts in the development and implementation of Medicare policies and guidelines. The doctors and staff extend our congratulations to Pamela for this well deserved honor.

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